Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great makeup for less! ELF and drugstore items....

Hey you beautiful people out there. So I just got my ELF stuff and seriously I love it. Let me tell you about a few items which you should seriously check out and considering everything is a dollar. It's great deal.

  • ELFs eye lash curler. It's better than that expensive Shu something curler you get at Sephoria. It does the job that a $20.00 curler does! BARGAIN!

  • ELFs contouring blush and bronzing powder. The blush is the exact same as the NARS blush in orgasms. So for about $10 - $15 less you are getting the same blush. DEAL! As for the bronzer, it's pretty good. I dont couture really but I have seen people use it for that and it works great. Now can somebody please show me how to do that correctly?

      • ELFs flat face brush. It's super soft and works just as good well honestly even better than the BE brushes that are out there. I love mine and after washing it, it still hasn't shed.

      • ELFs eyelid primer is amazing! To me, it's just as good as Urban Decay's eyelid primer. If you dont know what a primer is. It's what you put on your lids before you apply the shadow so it stays on there much longer and doesn't crease. Creasing isn't sexy. Im just saying.

So for now those are a few things that I have fallen in love for and let me tell you, my purchase on that website cost me 23.00 and I got 20 items. HELLO GREAT DEAL!

I will be posting again soon. My laptop is dead so I need to use the main computer in the house and it's pretty slow. Talk to you later you pretty people!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm now curious in the ELF flat top brush. Must check it out some time.