Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lets get this introduction over with shall we....

Hello and thanks for coming to my blog page. My name is Virginia and Im a stay at home mom. I was a hard working chic till I was laid off when I was about 6 months preggo and well here I am! Im also a make up addict! I know what you are thinking, make up plus a baby isn't possible...well yea I know but there's a way around it so you can have a life outside of changing diapers and making bottles.
Not only am I mom but before all that I was that chic that went to the mall and bought lavish things, enjoyed restaurants and spas.
Now I'm in the phase where okay I had the baby, I have this schedule down and now I need to find the new me. Well this new me can't afford those lavish things anymore so I need to do some experiementing with drugstore makeup and paint brushes since I can't afford those expensive MAC make up brushes. Like seriously who can afford those brushes!? It's insane!
Now let me tell you that I'm not a "make up guru" or "artist", Im just me :)

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