Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom topic.....prepare prepare prepare and how to remain calm....

So I get asked by fellow moms, how is it that Im surviving!?

Being a mom is hard. Im a stay at home mom so not only do I have a baby to take care of but I have a house to manage as well. Always gotta make sure we have things in stock. Always doing the dishes and making sure the house is clean. It's honestly a hard job that never ends. You are on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. So here's a few tips that I have been doing to make it a lil bit easier on me....

Day before....
1. Get the bottles ready with water
2. Get the food and spoons/forks out that you will be feedings the baby
3. Get his and YOUR clothes out so that you dont have to think about it the day of...

*see where im going with this yet? PREPARE PEOPLE!

whatever and everything that you can get ready for the day before you should do. Everything from the food, bottles, diaper bag, clothes and diapers/wipes for the nextday. It's insanely hard to get a bottle and food ready while you have a screaming baby crawling after you, believe is! So I suggest you prepare as much a possible to avoid the next day breakdowns.

4. Formula for the bottles, put them in clean empty baby food jars already premeasured so all you have to do is pour it into the bottle and shake or just toss a few into a diaper bag and you are ready to go!

There's a few others but they aren't popping into my head right now...gggrrr. I'll add a few when they come to mind.

Also, when you feel the urge to break down....step away from the situation and breath. I know a few moms who I won't name that have brokendown (including me)BIGTIME! Now, when I feel that urge to cry and pull my hair....I just put Bailey into his crib and go to my room, put on some soft music and just breath for the next 5 to 10 minutes, it helps so much. There's no point in breaking down in front of the baby, that will make things worse.

ANOTHER THING....I dont know about how you were raised but my mother NEVER sat down with me and played with me all darn day and I turned out fine! There's this huge whisper going around about how moms feel like they have to just be on their hands and knees with the baby the entire time....honestly ask youself, was yoour mom like that with you? Now im not saying, that is it okay to leave the house...THATS STUPID! What I am saying is it's okay to make a cup of coffee while your child is playing with his or her toys on the living room floor. It's okay to sit on the couch and watch a little TV while you kid of playing on the floor moms and dads. You dont have to be on your knees every minute. I dont want to smother the baby and I want my son to be a little independent as well.

This is just my opinion on a few things and tips to surviving with your baby. How do you survive?

See you later my fellow moms and dads!

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