Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I found a new love....NYX AND E.L.F!

Okay seriously, why didn't anybody tell me about these cheap and amazing products!?
Let me tell you a little bit about each.

First off, it's not available anywhere close to me! Lame isn't it!? I had to buy it online at okay so the eyeshadows are very pigmented which I love and for a price of $3.00 you are getting a great deal. Personally I use the taupe for the crease of my lids (it blends well with anything) and Barely there as a highlighter for my brow bone. I just choose any color for my lid depending on what Im wearing. Their Mega Lipglosses are fantastic as well! I love Beige the most. It's very natural and I honestly love the smell. Weird but true.

  • True Taupe Eyeshadow
  • Taupe Eyeshadow
  • Mega Lipgloss in Beige


I just ordered a huge amount of stuff from them and each item cost ONLY $1.00! HELLO THATS A DEAL PERIOD! Once I get everything I will post my feed back on everything. From what I read on their products, they are very pigmented yet some smell weird. I'll keep you posted.

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